Right now, I'm going to show  you how to have unprecedented control over color LUTs inside Photoshop. Right now, let's jump in and use  color LUTs, which are incredible for for applying these color looks to our  images. And then I'm gonna show you how to make adjustments that you probably couldn't make  before. So here's an image I grabbed from Adobe Stock. Let's just go to our layers panel,  and we're going to use an adjustment layer.

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So if you click on the adjustments, and then  you're going to go to color and look up, this is where all the LUTs are. If  I click here, it's going to pop open in the Properties panel. Now click on where  it says Load 3d lute, and you'll see the LUTs that come with Photoshop. I have some extras.  At the end, I'll show you how to get those. So we're going to go under the Filmic Cube, which  is a LUT that I made, and I'm going to apply it.

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