How are you bro. This time I will share again the old Android offline game with the FPS genre, namely Call of Duty Strike Team, one of the old FPS games which is quite exciting to play, and you can play this game on all old and latest Android devices Full Offline.

Call Of Duty

For those of you who are curious about the game, please see the gameplay video.

Because later there will also be an explanation of the tutorial on how to install the game so that you can play it

OK Bro, now we enter the tutorial on how to install the game, first to extract the game file we open the Zarchiver application, for those who don't have the application you can download it in the Playstore, then you look for the game file.

which you downloaded earlier, then you enter the password and extract the file.

The password to extract the game file is already in the video description.

After you finish extracting the game file, then you install the apk or game application.

And after you install the game application, then you move the game file folder that you extracted earlier that says com.activision.callofduty.striketeam, then you move the file folder into the OBB folder on the internal storage of your

Devices, for those who don't know the position of the OBB folder him, you first open your

Devices internal storage, then find and open the Android folder.

And later in the Android folder there will be an OBB folder according to the instructions in the video, and when you have finished moving the file folder you just have to leave the zarchiver application and you just have to play the game. and when you open the game,your screen will appear black. and to fix it you just touch your screen.

And when you enter Star mission, your screen will turn black again, and to fix it you just have to touch your screen againlike the instructions in the video, and that's all for the info from me, hope it's useful

You have to wait 15 seconds.