Hi guys just look at this I'm playing death loop on my iPhone and it's working so good if i would have a bigger screen on my phone then i would be so happy because it's a little bit hard to use all the small buttons on the screen but it's definitely worth it also if you like to download it to android phone it will work thank for group of game crackers we can enjoy this game ok I'm not going to waste your time anymore and will show where i found this game and what you need to do make it works

How to Play Deathloop on Your Mobile Phone (iOS)
Start from setting up your iPhone go to your general setting like i show on the screen then choose background app refresh and turn it off. scroll down and choose version of the game you would like to download we see the downloading process start and all what you need to do is wait for a while and start playing simple as that game icon will automatically appears on your phone screen and one more thing android users before start download this game have to switch off screen rotation only in this way it will work don't worry all this setting doesn't hurt your phone and you can change at any time.
Source Video : AppsHackWorld