What is IP address and types of IP address - IPv4 and IPv6

Hey guys this is DG today we are going to understand what is an IP address and how you can find your computers or a smart phones IP address so let's start

Computers in Internet communicate with each other with underground or underwater cables or wirelessly if I want to download a file from Internet

Then my computer should have an address so that other computers in Internet can find and locate my computer in internet terms that address of computer is called IP address let us understand it with other example like if someone wants to send you a mail then he or she should

Have your home address similarly your computer also needs an address so that computers in Internet can send you a file that you want to download that address in internal terms is called IP address which is nothing but a string of numbers written in a certain format note this comparison this is your home address which is identified by your area postman and you get all the.

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