Samsung officially announces Galaxy Tab S8 Series

What do you do when inspiration strikes? We write, draw, dream, and imagine in our notes. Ideas can come to anyone - anytime, anywhere!

We live in a digital world. But we still relish in that feeling - when you jot things down by hand. It’s the start of something new and exciting.

Over the past decade, from the original S Note to the Samsung Notes you know today, we’ve enhanced our app with every new generation…improving everything from writing and coloring, and S Pen-to-Text to screen-off memos.

And this year, we took your most recent feedback to introduce updates that better meet your needs: Display 2-pages side by side, annotate image files, and sync notes faster across devices…you can use Samsung Notes exactly how you want to! On the Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 Series.

Source Video : Samsung