The news of the presence of the latest cheap version of the iPhone from Apple, namely the third generation iPhone SE, has been circulating since 2021 and then entering the new year of 2022. This rumor is getting louder and louder, independent news portal.

iPhone SE 3

Bloomberg Media said that it is very likely that Apple will introduce the third generation of iPhone Esa in an online event this summer. autumn is between March and June 2022 is Magus Man who often accurately predict Apple products next sure iPhone xi-3 will be announced in March or April 2022 although not regularly release iPhone model

XR annually according to Grumman autumn is now claimed to have become a tradition for Apple to launching the latest line of low-cost iPhones, this traditional client cannot be separated from the schedule for the release of two iPhone AC phones, which previously launched the first generation iPhone SE, which was first launched in March 2016 four years later or to be precise in April 2020 or recently released the iPhone Esa generation.

Second or second known as the iPhone 2020 this time Eto is believed to have taken less than 4 years to release the third generation iPhone X or by releasing the iPhone sc2022 this year next to understand more about this Smartphone.

Source Video : Pan Channel